16 April 2020
To my fellow Rotarians, I hope Easter Bunny was kind to you as we celebrated Easter in a very different way. Many of you, like myself and Kerry, caught up with our families over Easter via Facetime and Skype.
Following our theme for the year, Get Involved, and Rotary Connects The World, we trialled Microsoft Teams video conferencing for our Board Meeting last Wednesday. It went very well and the recommendation from the Board is that we will roll this video conferencing platform out for our Club meetings. The first is planned for Thursday, 23 April 2020 at 7pm. At this meeting we hope to get as many of the club connected as possible. The Board and I will update the club on our current status and how we plan to move forward. Current Chairs will update the club individually. Questions can be asked via Chat on the Microsoft Teams platform. Also look out for Alison’s report in the Bulletin for further information.
I would like to thank all the Board for their hard work, with special mention to Sally and Dale for getting Messenger and Teams up and running. Also to my very capable (and strong) Secretary Denese for all her hard work, as we work to get this new digital environment up and running for our club.
Denese is working hard to initiate as many club members into Teams as possible. If any members experience issues Sally, Dale, Brett and Denese are available to help sort any technical issues.
A few members may not be able to join Microsoft Teams for a number of reasons, and will be kept up to date via the Bulletin as well as Messenger, email, texts and phone calls.
We will do our best to connect to as many members as we can.
President John

Eltham Lower Park BBQ  9:30 am - 2:30 pm
You are responsible for finding a replacement if you are unable to do your rostered duty and to notify Lyn Truran
Sunday 19 April
Sunday 26 April 
Sunday 03 May
Sunday 10 May
Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
Save the Dates!
2020 Rotary Eltham Festival
Sat 21st and Sun 22nd November.
Alistair Knox Park/Eltham Central Park Oval.
All hands on deck required.
Please advise Paul Kelly if you are able to assist.
Program Update
Happy Easter and hopping forward over the next couple of months
I hope this message finds all members healthy and coping with the restrictions that we are currently having to live with.  This year's Easter is a whole lot different to our usual Easter celebrations, where members would be travelling to beach houses, going camping, fishing, playing golf, having family get togethers with dinners or lunches, going to the beach or just going out for a drive, maybe to a winery.
Rest assured, all this will return once the world resets itself and a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus is found but, in the meantime, I wanted to reflect on Rotary and the theme for this year.  Internationally the theme was Rotary - Connects the World. Rotarians are asked this year to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.  Our own club theme is – 'Get Involved'.
Together, we see a world where everything has changed.  Not just our liberties, but the way we react to the current situation and showing ingenuity in how we can assist and maintain our focus on helping our communities - be it just keeping in touch and making sure those you know are not without essentials, keeping up morale by spreading positive messages and helping those that may have lost their jobs, businesses and those that are not coping and are feeling overwhelmed.  Social distancing will be the norm for a long time to come, unfortunately.
Rotarians traditionally unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves, and now this is no different.  It may not be clear to everyone, but all members can and are playing a small part by making a difference.  As an example, Sally Squires, our incoming President for 2021-22, has set up an initiative of putting together a communication system on 'Messenger' for those who want to join in.  The opportunity to just add either information, jokes, interesting facts, trivia sessions, photos, ideas to keep occupied, and the fun and interesting video calls - especially at Happy Hour are very welcome.  Thank you Sally!!  This then leads into how we can stay connected and be involved as a club.
The Board, last Wednesday, started the first of many video meetings so the club can continue in its normal capacity in making important decisions in the running of the club, making sure that members will remain connected.  Usual meetings, or should I say usual for the moment – will commence with our first video meeting via Microsoft Teams on Thursday 23 April 2020.  Look out for information from Sally, Denese and John on how to connect and be involved.
This first video meeting will be an update from President John and Committee Chairs on the club activities and current plans on moving forward.  As this is the first of this type of meeting for the club, please read the information sent to you and abide by the protocols in order to have the meeting run as smoothly as possible.
One agenda item was helping community groups such as Food Share.  Paul Kelly and his band of helpers in the Community Committee are working hard looking at ways we can still assist, albeit remotely.
Michael Martin as usual is at the helm of the finances and Frank Lynch is currently planning his Presidential year with a Changeover with a difference.
Of course, both the youth and International projects have been disrupted due to travel restrictions and school closures.  Also, both Ian and Brett have a lot on their plates in the next couple of months with changes to their school arrangements so the next couple of months will be interesting times for these two.
Our President John, and Kerry, are in the front line and extremely busy with both work and Rotary commitments.  It was acknowledged that John and Kerry have not had the easiest year so far with the Festival not having the usual sunny weather, then the worst Bushfires nationally and now Covid-19.  The Board expressed their thanks on behalf of all members for their leadership and ongoing work at the Austin.
Now to look at the positives and future for the Rotary Club of Eltham.  We are starting to develop our guest speaker program and look forward to presenting to you some interesting and usual topics for your entertainment.  Ideas on how we as a club connect with our community are welcome. Please let me know if you have a suggestion.
With our club theme – 'Get Involved' and especially with ANZAC Day approaching, I was trying to find a way of being involved and bring the community together this year.  My idea is to print off ANZAC Poppies either from a paper template or, if you are creative, make some, then stick them to icy pole sticks or something else and plant or scatter them like a field in yours and your neighbours' front yards (with their permission of course).  Without the RSL volunteers selling the poppies this year we can still mark the day in other ways.  Another suggestion that I saw on a Facebook post was for people to go and stand at their front of their house at 5:55am on ANZAC Day in honour of the fallen.
Some other ideas of being involved, and other members may join me in this, is to send cards or letter to residents in Disability or Age Care facilities.  Unfortunately, family members are not able to visit a lot of the residents and the small gesture of receiving a letter or card may have a positive impact.  It may only be a picture of a backyard vegie garden or one from your exercise walk or even one from your past travels.
As I have said earlier, any suggestions and ideas please email me ( but also I will be asking for members to do their Rotarian Behind the Badge during this period so don’t be surprised if you get a call from me.
Stay safe and look forward to seeing you all on our first meeting via Microsoft Teams.
Alison Cooper
Teams is Coming to Rotary
Our first Teams meeting is scheduled for 23rd April 7pm.
Teams is a Microsoft program that will allow Rotary to conduct video meetings over the internet.
It has many other abilities which you can explore online, but Rotary will be concentrating on the Chat function and Video meetings for Club, Board, Festival and Committees.  
Instructions will be emailed this week to assist the installation.
Introduction videos :
RCE Messenger Chat Group
If any member would like to join the RCE Messenger chat group, please let Sally or I know. Note that you will require a Facebook account to use Messenger. Creating a Facebook account is easy. Just go to and enter your details in the 'Create an account' section and click 'Sign Up'.
A Message from the President Elect

President John and the current board, have worked extremely hard during the year and have achieved a lot including a very successful Eltham Festival. The coronavirus unfortunately has deprived us of some opportunities since January to deliver what was planned.
Due to the virus nothing is normal. It will be different. I intend that the changeover takes place on the due date 3rd July 20/20. It will be implemented using Microsoft Teams and I insist that all the board members have a glass in front of them. [I expect the details will be taken care of by Sally, Dale, Allison, Gary, and anybody else that can make it happen] There is an unlimited budget.
In these difficult times I am very fortunate as incoming President to inherit such a knowledgeable experienced team including the new treasurer Lou Bolzonello and Gary Williams. All of you are dedicated to community and delivering on behalf of our club. 
To upgrade my knowledge and understanding, my original plan was to have a one on one coffee with each board member commencing April. The purpose is to give the individual board members an opportunity to express your concerns, individual wish lists, and what you would like to achieve and how to implement it during 20/21. I intend to continue the plan but by phone or teams.
Due to the circumstances and after lengthy discussion with John and Sally we have decided to implement a coordinated plan for my Presidents year.  We will work closely together as a President’s team, as all circumstances are unknown. We will make changes and be flexible with planning activities and communication with the board and all club members. My intention is to have every club member involved in some way. Board members need to communicate with general members to help them understand how we can still make the club enjoyable and succeed in our efforts.
Members need support, and that is happening with the phone calls, and thanks to Sally the expansion of video chats Facebook etc.
Here is an update on my Presidential learning commitments. Due to the cancellation of the District Assembly in Benalla on Sunday 5th April, new arrangements have been put in place.
DGE Bruce Anderson has organised a Zoom meeting on Sunday April 19th, then there will be further breakout Zoom sessions each week, coordinated by the Committee Chair.
Sessions will include inputs from District Insurance Officer, Youth Protection Officer, and working on District Budget for next year. There will be an online survey for PEs with Survey Monkey.
There will not be a live district change over this year. District directories will be distributed directly to Clubs as soon as practical.
I have been directed to coerce my board members to visit training modules on various roles:  All board members are invited to join appropriate Zoom breakouts.
During these very difficult months, we can grow the belonging of our members as we nurture and encourage them. While in isolation it is our aim that we grow stronger as a Club as we look out for each other.
With your support and advice we will make The Rotary Club of Eltham work and be successful during the rest of Johns year and my year 20/21. The virus should subside in 2021 and enable Sally to drive our Club successfully forward into the future.


Frank Lynch 
President Elect 2020-21


RCE Anniversary - 19 April
The charter for the Rotary Club of Eltham was granted on the 19th of April 1973. A copy of the programme for the Charter Dinner, held on the 1st of June 1973, was recently received from the estate of the late Ron Myerscough. Ron, who was a member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Greensborough, was tasked by the District Governor to form the Rotary Club of Eltham. The Charter Dinner programme is reproduced below.
Scrub Hats Project
Making 'Scrub hats' for Our Hospital Heroes.
Would you like to join Marion on this home-based project?
In response to a request from Royal Melbourne Hospital medical staff, Sunbury Rotarians set up the “Helping our hospital heroes” project to make “Scrub hats”. They are in short supply across the State’s hospitals and provide additional protection in general hospital use in addition to PPE. Details of the project are also in the April edition of the District Governor’s newsletter and at
Marion downloaded the pattern and instructions last week and has sent her initial batch of 20 to Sunbury. She says the sewing is relatively straight forward. Marion had some suitable materials on hand, but the Sunbury Rotarians can supply donated materials to anyone volunteering to participate.
Marion (0411 348 766) would be pleased to clarify the pattern and instructions to anyone interested. Join her on this rewarding project to support our “hospital heroes” at the coalface of the current COVID crisis.


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