04 June 2020
Last Thursday, 33 members heard an interesting talk from Bryony Edwards (climate emergency candidate).
The COVID-19 pandemic may have reduced CO2 emissions temporarily (due to grounding of planes and reduced traffic) but climate change is still an ongoing crisis. Global warming is happening and sea levels are rising. Bushfires and droughts are increasing in severity and duration. The switch to renewables is gaining momentum, but more needs to be done at all levels from us as individuals to local, state and federal governments.
If members are keen for more information on the current climate crisis, by Michael Moore is a good start point (thanks to Howard Turner for the suggestion).
My thanks to John O’Callaghan for chairing the meeting.
Last Thursday, Brett, Nick, Ian and Kelvin conducted interviews with students from Montmorency High School and Catholic Ladies College. The successful candidate was Julia Agostino from CLC. Congratulations to Julia, and my thanks to the team for undertaking these interviews. Julia was apparently the standout candidate, and we look forward to hearing from her after her NYSF experience.
The Board has approved the renting of a 6 x 3m container at Storage King (Briar Hill) to house Festival and other equipment held at the shed. My thanks to Graeme Hardiman and Sally for helping to negotiate a great deal (50% discount on normal price). Our current lease is due to expire in August and we are planning to vacate the Shed prior. As mentioned previously, the Barbeque trailer will be stored in a large shed located in Research (Alan McCleary's neighbour). We plan to relocate the trailer in early July.
Morgana is a lady who will hopefully lift our spirits by talking about Resilience in Times of Change. Look forward to your attendance.
Good to see Rotarians engage with others during the Teams meeting, keep it up.
Just a bit of personal advice from me to all, If you haven’t had the flu shot this year it is advisable before we start meeting as a group.
President John

Eltham Lower Park BBQ  9:30 am - 2:30 pm
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Sunday 07 June
Sunday 14 June 
Sunday 21 June
Sunday 28 June
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Festival Committee meeting
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Jun 15, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Diamond Creek Tram Project
Heidleberg Golf Club
Jun 25, 2020
6:45 PM – 8:30 PM
President Changeover Dinner - PE Frank Lynch
Jul 03, 2020
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2020 Rotary Eltham Festival (TBC)
Sat 21st and Sun 22nd November.
Alistair Knox Park/Eltham Central Park Oval.
Festival committee is reviewing monthly Covid 19 restrictions pertaining to this year's festival
Coming Up at Rotary
Thursday 4 June 2020 - Resilience in the current changing environment
Morgana Walker is our guest for this week's Rotary Club meeting.  She is a straight talking woman, bright, energetic mother of two tween girls, who loves a chat and is the life of the party when socialising. Morgana began her career as a teacher who worked with disabled children for a long time.  She then decided her passion was in helping people and with skills in being good listener and problem solver, qualified as a psychologist and started her current business as the director of a new urban private psychologist practice. She is a generalist psychologist in her mid-forties.  Morgana has built her business over the last couple of years and her clients include from young children to 90 year olds, and everyone in between. Morgana’s presentation is being resilient in this current climate and will share her experience of what she is seeing in her clients at the moment and how to be resilient in coping in this ever changing current environment.

Chair: Con Proussalis
Toast:  Irene Cant

Thursday 11 June 2020 - RBTB Lisa Kirton 
So excited to have Lisa Kirton - one of our newer members prepared to present to her Rotarian Behind the Badge.  I for one do not know much about Lisa and am looking forward to hear all about what Lisa.
Rotarian Behind the Badge nights are great nights so join us via Microsoft Teams for this special night.
Thursday 18 June 2020 - RBTB Mike Wetzler
This week we have another wonderful member presenting to members his Rotarian Behind the Badge.  Mike Wetzler has been a member of the club since 2003 and, for those nearly 17 years, Mike has been a valued member and great participator in club projects.
This is a great opportunity to hear all about Past President Mike Wetzler's time in Rotary and in particular his eventful year as President, although he may want to erase that part of the story.  He is a passionate Collingwood supporter but don't hold that against him.
Join us for another wonderful night via Microsoft Teams - our last online meeting to hear all of Mike's story.
Thursday 25 June 2020 - Diamond Creek Tram Project
This week we once again start our weekly meetings back at the Heidelberg Golf Club and it will also coincide with President John Skinner's last meeting as President.
We have organised Joshua Allen from Diamond Creek Rotary to talk on their current community project - the Tram Project.  Josh will be presenting to members information on the project which is nearing completion.
**Please note this first meeting at the Golf Club will be under strict COVID-19 protocols and restricted to only 37 people attending.  This will include the President, Secretary, Treasurer and speaker.  More information will be given to members closer to the time.
'Teams' Meeting Contributions
If you participate in the weekly 'Teams' online meeting, you are invited to make a voluntary contribution of $10 to the Rotary Club of Eltham's Charitable Trust Account each week. Those who do contribute will go into the draw for a prize at the end of May and one at the end of June.
The meeting payment of $10 should be paid into the following account:
Rotary Club of Eltham Charitable Trust account
BSB  633000
A/c No. 143540128
If you have previously deposited money into the Club's main account, rather than the Charitable Trust account, don't worry; it will be transferred into the correct account.
District Grants 2020/2021 Year
District Grant applications for the next Rotary year, 2020/2021, need to be delivered to District by 31st July 2020.  This does not give us a long time after Changeover to think and organise paperwork for suitable projects.
So, members are requested to start thinking about what might be a suitable project for the Club to complete.  New members may not know that last year's project of a playground Cubby House was fantastic fun to do and a great addition to our local playground. It was also featured in the webinar for District Grant information.
The Rotary Foundation is suggesting that we think of something that we could do for our community, or assistance for COVID-19 recovery in our community.
District Grants are to a maximum of $2500 with the club involved also donating $2500.  So a project maximum of $5000 or less.  We can combine with another local Rotary club, apply for two grants and do a larger project. 
Please convey ideas to John Skinner.
Protocols for RCE 'Teams' Club Meetings
To ensure that Thursday's 'Teams' meeting runs smoothly, all members are requested to abide by the following protocols prior to and during the meeting:
1.  Members can log in from 6.30pm, meeting starts at 7pm.
2.  Members logging in early, can chat until 7pm then they are requested to have their microphone on MUTE.
3.  If members want to ask a question, they should type in the Chat box to indicate so.  John, Denese or the chair of the meeting, will advise when that the member can speak.
4.  The only reason to unmute the microphone is to ask a question. .
5.  Questions are to be respectful and framed with the 4 Way Test in mind.
6.  If other members do not agree or have alternate views, then they will have to indicate this via the Chat box and wait to be identified, and then can address their concerns or questions.
7.  Members can leave the meeting at any time by logging out.
Etiquette during the meeting:
Mike's Jokes of the Week
A wife asks her husband, “Could you go to the shops for me and buy one carton of milk and if they have avocados, get six.”
A short time later the husband comes back with six cartons of milk.  The wife asks him, “Why did you buy six cartons of milk”?
He replied “They had avocados.”
WIFE: “There is trouble with the car. It has water in the carburettor”
HUSBAND: “Water in the carburettor? That’s ridiculous”
WIFE: “I tell you, the car has water in the carburettor”
HUSBAND: “You don’t even know what a carburettor is. I’ll check it out. Where’s the car?”
WIFE: “In the pool!”
Memes of the Week
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