Posted by Clayton Hedger
The Rotary Club of Eltham has partnered with Global Action Nepal (GAN), Aussie Action Abroad (AAA) and the Rotary Club of Mahaboudda to construct a teacher training facility in Lalitpur, south of Kathmandu. Construction commenced in 2019 supplemented by a team of Rotarian volunteers and their trade friends who worked alongside Nepalese builders in the construction of the foundations. Covid travel restrictions prevented repeat travel by the Rotarian volunteers, however construction was continued by the Nepalese builders, while project fundraising has been the continuing focus in Melbourne. Ongoing fundraising efforts together with generous philanthropic donations have enabled the ground floor of the building to be completed and fitted out in 2022, with the first cohort of teacher trainees completing their initial program.
Today we continue to support the children of Nepal with school packs and much need educational supplies.